i am looking for one very specific slave if you are him email me!!!!

I am a very experienced goddess seeking a very high paid ceo and when i say high paid i.mean beyond the net worth of millions to give this Goddess the empire she deserves to rule over you and any other worthless losers i happen to take a fancey to do not waste my time if you are a suger daddy not interested also not interested in a switch looking for you you know the older more experienced slave who has built his empire but has known all along he wants to turn it over to a beautiful Goddess while he bows at my feet and paints my toenails i could go in detail about what i enjoy but dont want to waste my time with losers seeking to get off so if you are what im looking for do the following email me a very detailed application of your experience along with proof of income that meets my requirement along with detailed explanation as to just exactly how you can treat me like the goddess i am if i am satisfied then i will contact you back and discuss more my email is bettyboop2600@outlook.com will be in touch soon till then Goddess Jasmine !


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